so I’m studying with my friend and she’s taking a class on human sexuality and she was singing “I’m a survivor” to herself while she was reading her book when all of a sudden I hear

"I’m a vagina I’m on a mission…"

I miss you

I have 10 minutes left to be a teenager

Wait I’m 20 now when did I get old I what 20 is like so old how did this happen

Alright, time to start chemistry. It’s gonna be a long couple of hours…

I suddenly have a lot more followers today. Whether you’re from the live stream last night or other, I just wanted to say…

I love you already

Just had my Saturday made livestreaming with some lovely people. I laughed so hard, thanks guys. That was fantastically mad. :)

I was having such a fun night home alone and then the two roommates I don’t like came back and I just want to shove duct tape in their mouths so I don’t have to hear their obnoxious voices complaining about their “friends”.

I’m getting a picture with Misha Collins this weekend what what

Also anyone else going to Emerald City on Sunday?

If you ever have a layover in Salt Lake City airport…

grab your meal at Gordon Biersch Brewing Company- right in front of concourse D. Go up the escalators. Great service, the food is actually incredibly good and justifies the airport food expense. I had my order ready to go once I was seated (menu right at the bottom of the escalators) which helped my food get here even faster, since I have a flight at 8:10 and it was almost 7:00.

I’m loving my meal. It feels like a proper restaurant aside from the airplanes outside.

Hopping on my plane now to Salt Lake from Glacier Int’l! Anyone here can feel free to run upstairs and give me a hug before I go. I’m the one with Dumbo, cause I’m a mature adult not clinging onto childhood at all.

See y’all in Salt Lake for mah layover!

Sooooo glad I worked out. I feel fantastic- though sore as hell. Now time to eat a healthy, filling dinner. I’m starving! :)

Fitness/Health/Fitspo Blog

Hello all!

I just made a new blog to help me with my progress in losing weight, getting fit, and developing a healthier relationship with my body and food. 

It’s password protected, but if you’d like to follow just message me and I’ll give you the pw. Friends, followers, all are welcome. I just put the pw up because it’s very personal and I may or may not end up posting progress pictures.

Click here for my new blog.


  • see my abs for the first time
  • stop hating my body so much- develop a healthy lifestyle
  • help my friends/ people more
  • transfer schools (UF first choice)
  • continue to recover my gpa from last spring to around a 3.5
I’m almost 20 years old…

and I’ve never done anything teenagery. My birthday is in March. I’ve never had a wild teenage night or whatever. I’m very old inside. I’ve always loved rules. I’m quiet and shy around people I’m not familiar with.

I’ve never really embraced being a teenager and I feel like I’m running out of time to just… be young. All I want to do is watch disney movies with people but I know I’ll regret it if that’s all my college experience is…

How do I loosen up? Stop being so uptight? How do I… like… be young?

suntbone said: Ah fuck I remember when I took Italian and math… I’m so sorry. I always thought that was such bullshit. :/

It is. You don’t get that weekend before finals. You have classes all week and work and it’s so hard to juggle- not to mention BOTH math and italian are essentially different languages, different ways of thinking. The weekend would make a huge difference.

I feel like I’m scrambling to get this done and then I’m exhausted and don’t work for a few hours, feel insanely guilty, try to get back on track, but I’m dead.

Yeah I didn’t study as much as I should have last weekend but I shouldn’t be running on 0 sleep because of it.