I’m subletting a room with three graduated seniors

And I just finished being a dorky little freshman!

They’re all good friends already and I feel kind of awkward. They’re super sweet and all, but they all have jobs and get back at the same time of day and start chatting with each other and I feel like I’m interrupting if I go up to them. I’ll start a job Thursday too so maybe that’ll help us interact more (cause when they come back I’ve finished my chores for the day and I’m in my room and I feel awkward just popping out like “HI NEW FRIENDS”)

I feel like I would look like

I keep trying to make small talk but the intrepid inside me just wants to go hide in my room. But I don’t want to be antisocial- there’s a lot I can learn from them.

How do I get to know my three-month roommates?

Especially when they may be one of my few connections to the social world over summer quarter?

Cause I have to force myself to be social.

Unless I’m around nerds cause then we click like

But anyway, do you guys have any advice?